Veritas Musica Publishing


Creating Opportunities for Independent Musicians

Veritas Musica Publishing, founded in 2009 by Wayne Lu, was created with the idea of giving individual musicians the opportunity to publish music by a company which is "creator-friendly." Rather than focusing on the sole idea of creating a profitable publishing company, Lu decided to create a company whose primary goal is to give emerging musicians the chance to bring their ideas to the market by means of a small independent company. While many of the large publishing companies maintain a money-centric approach with little regard to the goals and interests of their newest artists, Veritas Musica is committed to quality product which is overlooked by the larger companies in the publishing world.


Our Vision

The vision of Veritas Musica Publishing is to make quality music and music supported materials that are worthy of scholarly analysis and attention available to the public that is overlooked by other publishing companies.


Veritas Musica Publishing

News at a Glance

Upcoming premieres of Veritas Musica Publications in 2012:

New Hampshire






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