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Title Composer Cost Add to Cart
American Storyteller: The Music and Pedagogy of Wayne Lu Laura Chicarello $15
For Love of the Harp Courtney Hershey Bress $20
CD Recordings      
Legacy: Compositions by Wayne Lu Wayne Lu $12
Convergence: American Sonatas for Trumpet and Piano Kurt Gorman - trumpet $15
Alto Saxophone, unaccompanied      
Action/Reaction D. Jenkins $12
Swelter (2003), written for Paul Tucker W. Lu $8
Alto Saxophone and Piano      
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2010) W. Lu $20
I. The Standish
II. Romanza
III. Tucker
Alto Saxophone Trio      
Rondo J. Agrell $12
Bass Trombone, unaccompanied      
Heavy Mettle W. Lu $12
Bassoon and Piano      
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano C. Kies $25
I. Tristamente
II. Arietta
III. Finale
Bassoon Duet      
Perspicacious Vicissitudes S. Landis $15
Bassoon Quintet      
In Transit D. Jenkins $20
Bassoon Octet      
First Suite J. Agrell $30
I. Spanish Dance
II. Waltz Triste
III. Passacaglia IV. Creekdance
Brass Trio (trumpet, horn, trombone)      
Trio for Brass G. Gillie $20
I. Fanfare and Chorale
II. Lament
III. Tango
Brass Trio (trumpet, horn, trombone/euphonium)      
Partita for Brass Trio W. Lu $20
I. Intrada
II. Chorale and Simple Song
III. Flourish
Brass Trio (Low: horn, trombone, and tuba)      
Motivic Movements for Low Brass Trio (horn, trombone, and tuba) Drew Phillips $15
Brass Quartet      
Western Triptych (2 tpt 2 tbn) J. Agrell $20
I. Iron Horse
II. Elegy for the Plains Buffalo
III. Round-Up (recorded on Clowns, Swiss Pan CD 510 305)
Brass Quintet      
El Camino T. Hallett $15
Paradox T. Hallett $15
Brass Quintet No. 1: I. Synergy, II. Synergism, III. Synchrony W. Lu $25
Scenes from the Midwest:I. The Plains (1995) W. Lu $10
Brass Quintet      
Overture to La Forza del Destino Verdi, arr. Miller $20
Brass Quintet and Organ      
Pinellas Intrada S. Bresemann $20
Prelude S. Bresemann $20
Gloriam Diei T. Hallett $30
Brass Septet      
Catamaran D. Phillips $15
Halcyon J. Naigus $25
Brass Choir      
A Hero's Welcome Barnes, G $15
Is This Courage? E. Macy $20
Starboard J. Naigus $25
Brass Choir and Percussion      
In Memory of... (to honor the life of Molly Naugle) W. Lu $35
I. Elegiac Song
II. Celebration of Life
Cello Quartet      
Peanut Butter and Celli B. Osterhouse $15
Three Narratives B. Osterhouse $20
Cello, unaccompanied      
The Looking Glass D. Jenkins $15
Chamber Winds      
Motet for Two Flutes, Two Oboes,Two Bassoons, Two Horns, Two Trumpets W. Lu $15
Choir (Four Part)      
Meditation G. Barnes $4
Five Thaxter Poems C. Kies $30
I. Oh Tell Me Not of Heavenly Hals
II. Song: "A Rushing of Wings in the Dawn"
III. "Appeal"
IV. Song: "Sing Little Bird, Oh Sing!"
V. "April Days"
Colossus (2006) W. Lu $10
Clarinet and Piano      
I. Hummingbird Tocatta (E-flat clarinet) J. Agrell $6
II. March of the Penguins J. Agrell $6
III. Toucan Calypso J. Agrell $6
IV. A Raven's Blues (Bass Clarinet) J. Agrell $6
V. Canary Cadenza (unaccompanied B-flat clarinet) J. Agrell $6
VI. Elegy for the Dodo J. Agrell $6
VII. Blackbird Boogie J. Agrell $6
Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn      
From Here and There T. Hallett $15
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet      
Emerging Pirates E. Haywood $10
Clarinet, Violin and Piano      
By Fire D. Jenkins $15
Clarinet Quartet      
March, Moon Song, and Mambo J. Agrell $15
After Dark Suite J. Agrell $30
I. Stepping Out
II. Nightshade
III. Between Rock and a Hard Place
(recorded by the Swiss Clarinet Players on Amons CD 5772)
Clarinet and Piano      
Aviary Divertimento (Whole Suite) (recorded by Bernhard Rothlisberger, Gallo CD 951) J. Agrell $35
Double Bass Quartet      
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair Debussy, arr. Landis $15
Flute, unaccompanied      
Rhythmania S. Rea $10
Solace S. Rea $10
Flute Trio      
Rondo Jeff Agrell $12
Flute Trumpet and Piano      
Serenade P.Basler $15
Guitar and Viola      
Tango A. Schmitz $12
Guitar Duet      
Bustelo for two guitars G. Monticello $15
Harp, unaccompanied      
Sonata for solo harp (2003) written for Courtney Hershey Bress W. Lu $15
I. Andante - Free
II. Allegro vivace - Frantic
III. Allegro
Horn Ensemble (14 Horns)      
Symphony No. 7, Allegretto (with optional tuba) Beethoven, arr. D. Cobleigh-Morrison $30
Horn Ensemble (12 Horns and 2 Wagner Tubas)      
Final Trio from Der Rosenkavalier R. Strauss, arr. Devin Cobleigh-Morrison 30 , Horn Ensemble (12 Horns),Starboard,,James Naigus,$20 , Horn Ensemble (12 Horns),Dodecatet I
Horn Ensemble (12 Horns)      
Dodecatet II, Celebration S. Young $20
Irish Tune Traditional, add. Devin Colbeigh Morrison $20
Horn Ensemble (10 Horns and Percussion)      
Overture 1781 M. Phibbs $25
Procession of the Ignobles M. Phibbs $25
Horn Ensemble (10 Horns)      
Festive Overture op. 96 Shostakovich, arr. Miller $30
Horn Octet and Flute and Percussion      
Leprechaun from Hell M. Phibbs $20
Horn Octet and Celeste and Percussion      
Chant and Rant M. Phibbs $25
Horn Octet and Percussion      
Eighth Notes Are My Friend M. Phibbs $20
Gretchen M.Phibbs $20
Lewis M.Phibbs $20
Spartacus is Dead M. Phibbs $20
Twisted Tango M. Phibbs $20
Horn Octet and Timpani      
The Jig's Up M. Phibbs $20
The Vikings Sober Up and Sail Home M. Phibbs $20
Horn Octet and Wood Blocks      
Schoenberg Shuffle M. Phibbs $20
Horn Octet and Zither      
Gypsies Gone Wild M. Phibbs $20
Horn Octet      
Alieron James Naigus $20
All Hail the Horns! G. Reeves $12
Autumn Ridge D. Ousley $15
Chorus "Aufersteh'n" Mahler, arr. Miller $12
Choral "Ruhevoll" from Symphony no. 4 Mahler, arr. Miller $12
Christmas Carols for 8 Horns, Vol. 1 Traditional, arr. D. Cobleigh-Morrison $50
I. Angels We Have Heard On High
II. The First Noel
III. O Holy Night
IV. Jingle Bells
Christmas Carols for 8 Horns, Vol. 2 Traditional, arr. D. Cobleigh-Morrison $50
I. Carol of the Bells
II. O Come, All Ye Faithful
III. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Exultant Fanfare D. Phillips $15
The Fairy Garden M. Ravel, arr. W. Lu $15
First Suite (with optional percussion) Holst, arr. S. Bresemann $30
I. Chaconne
II. Intermezzo
III. March
Ave Maria A. Bruckner, arr. J. White $15
Crucifixus A. Lotti, arr. J. White $15
Entrance of the Gladiators J. Fucik, arr. J. White $15
Fantasia in c minor J.S. Bach, arr. J. White $15
Fugue in c minor J.S. Bach, arr. J. White $15
The Gallatin Fanfare for 8 Hunting Horns, in composer's original manucript L. Greer $20
Hang Glider T. Hallett $20
In Loving Memory... W. Lu $15
In Memoriam P. Basler $20
La Cenerentola G. Rossini, arr. S. Bresemann $15
Lineage W. Lu $20
Os justi meditabitur A. Bruckner, arr. Lu $10
Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor J.S. Bach, arr. JG Miller $20
Pathway to Passion T. Hallett $15
Por Una Cabeza C. Gardel, arr. D. Phillips $20
Sonata K. 119 A. Scarlatti, arr. JG Miller $15
Three Sacred Motets F. Mendelssohn, arr. J. White $25
Three Sacred Pieces F. Schubert, H. Purcell, A. Bruckner, arr. J. White $25
Three Short Pieces by One Short Guy M. Phibbs $25
Unstern! F. Liszt, arr. JG Miller $20
Vespers, No. 1 Introit, No. 5 Nunc dimittus, No. 15 To Thee, Victorious Leader S. Rachmaninoff, arr. JG Miller $30
Tribute, written for Kaz Machala (2008) W. Lu $10
With Valor W. Lu $20
Horn Sextet with Banjo Two Voices and Percussion      
Root Canal M. Phibbs $20
Horn Sextet and Timpani      
Scenes from Die Moldau B. Smetana, arr. J. Greg Miller $30
Horn Sextet      
Arsenal $15
D. Ousley
Canticle and Flourish James Naigus $25
Christmas Carols for 6 Horns, Vol. 1 Traditional, arr. $38
I. Jingle Bells
II. In the Bleak Midwinter
III. Little Drummer Boy
Elegy for Gretchen Wayne Lu $15
Evening Song J. Rheinberger, arr. J. White,$15 , Horn Sextet,Hymn for Yesterday's Glory,,D. Ousley,$15 , Horn Sextet,"Jupiter"" from the Planets"
Sextet (2004) W. Lu $15
I. Fanfare
II. Chorale
III. Fugato
Ships of Wood, Men of Iron S. Young $20
Sisyphus Torrin Hallett $18
The Sound of Mucus M. Phibbs $15
The Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key arr. A. White $12
Horn, Piano, and 4 Obbligato Horns      
Legacy W. Lu $15
Ships of Wood, Men of Iron S. Young $20
Horn Quartet and Piano      
Quartet from Don Giovanni Mozart, arr. Miller $15
Quartet from Idomeneo Mozart, arr. Miller $15
Horn Quartet      
America, the Beautiful Ward,arr. Reeves $10
Beale Suite J. Naigus $20
Canzona I Gabrielli, arr. Reeves $10
Elsa's Processional Wagner, arr. Miller $10
Fugue in G Minor Torrin Hallett $10
Horn Quartet No. 1 G. Gillie $20
I. Adagio and Allegro
II. Andante
III. Variations on Ich Schnell Mein Horn
Horn Quartet No. 1 (1998) W. Lu $15
I. Clash
II. A Sense of Home
III. Proclamation
Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 2 Liszt, arr. Miller $15
Inscriptions M. Wall $15
I. Memoirs
II. Testaments
O Magnum Mysterium Victoria, arr. D. Cobleigh-Morrison $12
Rondeau Mouret, arr. G. Reeves $10
Shenandoah Trad. Arr. Lu $7
Wedding March Mendelssohn, arr. Reeves $10
Horn Trio      
Lullaby for Braxton (2007) W. Lu $10
Scenes from the Midwest: II. On the Lake (1995) W. Lu $10
Hold 'Em, Texas! Trad. Arr. Miller $10
Landscapes for horn trio and piano James Naigus $15
Horn Duet      
Lullaby for Brock (2002) W. Lu $10
Horn Duet and Brass Choir      
Radiance for 2 Horns and Brass Choir Drew Phillips $20
Horn Duet and Brass Quartet      
Harambee P.Basler $20
Horn Duet and Piano      
Passages P. Basler $20
Brahms Hornsongs, Vol. 3 Brahms, Arr. Reynolds $25
Schilfleider: Five Fantasy Pieces Klughardt, arr. Miller $20
Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt Mahler, arr. Miller $12
Urlicht from Symphony no. 2 Mahler, arr. Miller $12
Ogontz Fantasy W. Lu $12
Horn and Trombone and Piano      
Brhams Hornsongs, Vol. 3 Brahms, Arr. Reynolds $25
Horn and Piano      
A River's Lullaby D. Phillips $12
Amazing Grace Trad. Arr. Lu $12
Cloak and Dagger Games (2010) JG Miller $15
Epiphanies W. Lu $15
Equinox J. Naigus $15
Cor de Force (2008) written for JG Miller W. Lu $10
Penumbra James Naigus $10
Peregrination Drew Phillips $15
Perigee Ballad Wayne Lu $12
Romance Wayne Lu $12
Serenade (KBHC Commission Project Work) W. Lu $15
Shenandoah Trad. Arr. Lu $8
Soiree en Mer C. Saint-Saens, arr. J. Agrell $12
Solstice James Naigus $15
Sonata for Horn and Piano No. 1 (2003) W. Lu $20
I. Rush
II. Intermezzo
III. Exclamation
Summer Song W. Lu $12
Three Bizet Songs: Bizet, arr. Su $25
I. Adieux of the Arab Hostess
II. J'aime L'amour!
III. Tarantelle
Xi W. Lu $12
Zenith W. Lu $12
Horn and Organ      
Sonata for Horn and Organ S. Bresemann $25
Suite for Horn and Organ W. Lu $20
I. Exhult
II. Illuminate
III. Purify IV. Rejoice
Solace (2008) written for Tina Su W. Lu $15
Horn and Band      
Horn Concerto No. 3 Mozart, arr. Young $80
Horn and Harp      
Nocturno Oberthur, arr. Miller $15
Horn, unaccompanied      
11 Exigent Etudes for Horn W. Lu $20
Bent Damon Lee $15
Cello Suite No. 1 JS Bach, arr. Wall $10
Esprit de Cor (2008) written for Wayne Lu J. Agrell $8
Foglissimo! (2007) written for Allen Fogle JG Miller $7
Glide for unaccompanied horn James Naigus $12
Heavy Mettle W. Lu $12
Lament (with optional obligato horn quartet) T. Martin $15
Mirage James Naigus $12
Musical Portraits L. Greer $20
Seven Sets on the Odyssey (2008) JG Miller $12
The Crust Around Emptiness L. Greer $8
The Sea (2000) written for Ted Thayer W. Lu $15
I. Waves
II. The Discoverers
III. Sea Winds
IV. White Caps
Horn Method      
The Warm-Up, A Basic and Practical Guide to Warming Up W. Lu $10
Marimba, 2-mallet      
Victorious W. Lu $10
Mezzo Soprano and Piano      
A Little Madness in the Spring J. Agrell $12
I. A Little Madness in the Spring
II. Surgeons Must Be Careful
III. Faith is a Fine Invention
IV. Fame is a Fickle Food
V. Old Age in His Ailing
VI. A Little Madness in the Spring (reprise)
Mezzo Soprano, Horn and Piano      
Des Angonius von Padua Fischpredigt Mahler, arr. Miller $12
Urlicht from Symphony no. 2 Mahler, arr. Miller $12
Oboe and Bassoon      
Aria Variata all maniera Italiana JS Bach, arr. Kies $20
Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano      
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut C. Kies $20
Oboe Trio      
Rondo J. Agrell $6
Organ Solo      
Chorale Preludes Vol. 1 S. Roberts $25
Percussion Ensemble      
Vibeman B. Faugstad $20
Tum Balalaika L. Snyder $35
Willow Suite R. Hutchings $20
Theme, Variations, and Fluctuations R. Lu Hutchings $15
Piano, Four Hands      
Four 4-Handed Complements C. Kies $25
I. Octatonic Rag
II. Octatangos
III. Introduction and Can Can
IV. Ragtime Reflections
Piano and Orchestra      
Academic Festival Rag C. Kies $60
Saw Solo and Orchestra      
She Drops the Silver Chain of Sound for Solo Saw and Orchestra R. Lu Hutchings $60
Saxophone Quartet      
Inertia D. Jenkins $20
Soprano (Treble Chorus), Flute, and Piano      
Karen's Song (score and 10 choral parts) C. Kies $20
Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Horn, and Piano      
Declaration (2004) written for Ted Thayer W. Lu $20
I. Prologue I
II. Prologue II
III. Recitative and Proclamation
IV. Statement of Charges
V. Vow of Freedom and Honor
VI. Epilogue
Tenor, Horn, and Piano      
Uncoiled Shell: Three Poems by Hart Crane for tenor and piano R. Hutchings $20
Tenor, Horn and Piano      
Four Emily Dickinson Songs J. Schwabe $25
I. If I can stop one Heart from breaking
II. The Soul selects her own society
III. Superfluous were the Sun
IV. The Daisy follows soft the sun
Treble Chorus and Piano      
English is Tough Stuff (score and 10 choral parts) C. Kies $20
Two Songs from "Wind in the Willows" (score and 10 choral parts) C. Kies $30
I. Duck's Ditty
II. Toad's Triumph
Treble Chorus, Piano, and Orchestral Bells      
Crocus C. Kies $20
Trombone and Piano      
Sonata for Trombone and Piano W. Lu $20
March and Serenade A. Schmitz $15
Trumpet Choir      
Aria "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Rinaldo G. F. Handel arr. K. Gorman $20
Trumpet and Piano      
A Sketch of Monochrome S. Landis $15
Diversions P. Basler $20
Entrance, Fanfare, and Elegy A. Schmitz $15
Sonata for trumpet and piano (2007) written for Kurt Gorman W. Lu $20
I. The Early Years
II. Divergence
III. A New Life
Trumpet, Horn, and Organ      
Organ Trio S. Bresemann $20
Trumpet, unaccompanied      
Jag (2005) W. Lu $8
Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble      
In Shadow's Light J. Naigus $15
Tuba/Euphonium Quartet      
Quartetto Fanfara J. Naigus $20
Tuba and Marimba      
Under a Gibbous Moon S. Landis $15
Tuba and Piano      
Nocturne P.Basler $15
Tuba unaccompanied      
Fantasy for solo tuba T. Hallett $12
Violin, Viola, Cello      
Igneous Etude J. Agrell $15
Violin, Cello and Piano      
Arise! Torrin Hallett $10
Violin and Piano      
Sonata for Violin and Piano T. Rush $25
Viola and Guitar      
Tango A. Schmitz $15
Wind Ensemble      
Os justi meditabitur Bruckner arr. Snyder $35
Night arr. Faugstad $50
Three Kings arr. Faugstad $50
Three Ships arr. Faugstad $50
Por Una Cabeza Gardel, arr. Phillips $50
Carpe Diem T. Hallett $60
Catamaran D. Phillips $60
Three Ships for Wind Ensemble Traditional, arr. B. Faugstad $60
Three Kings for Wind Ensemble Traditional, arr. B. Faugstad $60
Woodwind Quartet      
March, Moon Song, and Mambo (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon) J. Agrell $15
Prelude for Winds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon) T. Rush $15
Woodwind Quintet      
Allegro A. Schmitz $15
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March King arr. Miller $15
Carib Dance (with Latin percussion instruments) J. Agrell $15
Circus Etudes J. Agrell $40
I. Dancing Elephants
II. Clowns
III. Trapeze Artists
IV. Acrobats
Danse Bacchanale Camille Saint-Saens, arr. D. Cobleigh-Morrison $20
Hunting D. Phillips $20
Little Dreams L. Suarez $20
Menuet Antique Ravel, arr. D. Phillips $20
Quintet for Winds No. 1 D. Jenkins $25
Scenes from the Midwest: III. The Heartland (2008) W. Lu $20
Woodwind Quintet No. 1 br/>IV. Spring: Bloom W. LU
I. Summer:The Headwaters
II. Autumn: Harvest
III. Winter: Snow Angels
Woodwind Choir      
Scenes from the Midwest: IV. Home Sweet Home W. Lu $20
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 1st mvt. W.A. Mozart, arr. J Vogel $30


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